Looking for Vaadin developper for Open Source project

Hi There,

We just started a new Vaadin Open Source project to build the Website (registration, calendar, schedule, practical info, Social media integration etc… ) of the JCertif 2011 conference the biggest Java Community Event in Africa http://tinyurl.com/332466l
We are looking for contributors for our Vaadin application, I hope this is a better place to get that. We believe Vaadin can meet the needs of enterprises and developers in our area.

Please send me an email if you are interested to participate.


Take a look at the Devoxx 2010 schedule application mentioned
in this thread
. It is open source, although it does use a Calendar component that is dual licensed AGPL/CVAL - but if your project is open source, this should not be a problem.

I believe most users are not able to see the e-mail address if you have one in your profile.

I will not have time for this, but I hope you find interested developers.

Here is my email : max(at)bonbhel(dot)com