looking for good example with marker clusters with info box in vaadin

Hello all,

I am looking for an example of google maps with markercluser and infobox on markers in vaadin.
here i wanted to use google maps apiv3 code to be placed in a external js file
I have implemented, google maps with marker clusters with api v3 in jsf, and passing json objects for data,
i did not found the good examle with the js code in external js.

im trying with external google maps code in external .js but the infoboxes on markers are not working.

can someone send me good example to implement marker clusters with info boxes how we can do with vaadin


Is the
GoogleMaps Add-on
what you are looking for?

Yes, but I would like to implement the tooltip with more professional way in looking wise and also plot some images in perticular positions and trying to connect the positions with line.