Looking for chart to show values as a percentage of


I’ve checked the Vaadin Chart addons but so far haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I’m looking for a add-on which can render for me 2 values where one value is rendered as a percentage of the other.
Let me give an example:

I have two values, one is capacity, the other one is planned volume. I would like to show in a graph the planned volume as a percentage of the capacity.
So if capacity is 100 and planned is 20 then the graph must show a bar with the 100 as the first bar and as a part of it the planned volume at 20% (since 20 out of 100 is 20%).

This graph preferrable shows it like a cylinder but if there are any alternatives this is fine with me.
Also the graph must not stop at 100% because the planned capacity may exceed the capacity (for example capacity is 100 but planned is 120 then it must show the planned as 120%).

Hope anyone can help me with this one; perhaps there is a component which partly fulfills my requirements then also let me know please.
If no existing component already there can someone please point me to a location where I can find extra information to create my own component.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

An eample of how it should look like is attached to this thread

Hi Richard,

Perhaps I didn’t understand you correctly, but wouldn’t a
stacked column chart
provide what you want? (except for the cylinder)