Looking for a quick way to display HTML content

Is there a simple way now that Label and ContentMode.HTML are gone? Would prefer to do this in a modal dialog if possible.

There’s an Html component that you can use

ah, that’s not listed in the documentation :smile:


Good catch. Do you mind open an issue on vaadin/docs repository?

I assume I should setInnerHtml to use that properly? I have a full HTML document (it’s an email)

well that appears to be private anyway

You can pass the HTML in the constructor or use setHtmlContent() method

The component will do some stuff and then set the innerHTML property

cool, I’m trying it now


hm, looks like my content is actually NOT in HTML (I was looking at similar content before but from a different source). Is there a pre-formatted text field I could use instead?

the vaadin equivalent of a triple-backtick?

Looks like that’s Pre

thanks @versatile-zorse