Looking for a Java/Vaadin dev to work remote

We are looking to hire a developer to help us build apps in Vaadin.

We are a 2 person consulting company that specializes in building apps in Vaadin. We love Vaadin and want to spread the love.

Basically we build apps on the following stack:

Vaadin (8)
Google Guice

We are in Calgary, Canada.

The company is build around the idea of using Vaadin to rapidly build software where business logic comes first and look/feel come second. If you want a job building sane, straightforward Vaadin apps for real companies then we will get along well.

Our hiring constraints are that your timezone is close to ours, you have a decent computer/internet, and are willing to work remote. Message me on the forum or benstpierre@gmail.com.

Thanks!! :slight_smile: