long column selector of table does not trigger the vertical scroll

The column selector of the table does not activate the page vertical scroll bar.

When the table has many columns or the size of the browser page is small, a part of the column selector falls out of the page. Then, it should trigger the vertical scroll bar of the browser, but it does not happen. In the development environment it only works for IE, but in the production it work for none the browsers.

the following is the simple code that shows the issue.

Window mainWindow = new Window("");
Table table = new Table();
for(int i=0; i<60;i++){
	table.addContainerProperty("Column "+i, String.class, null);
table.setWidth(100, Table.UNITS_PERCENTAGE);

Should I submit this as a defect?



I tested this, and the scrollbar appears once there are items in the Table. I do however think that the table should scroll even though it would be empty, so yes, please submit this as a bug.

Thomas, I’m having the exact same problem and I think you may be misunderstanding the issue. When there are many columns, the height of the column chooser can exceed the height of the browser window. When this happens there is no way to choose the columns at the bottom of the list. Ideally a scroll bar would appear within the column chooser itself.

Was an issue opened for this?

Sorry, only caught this post now. I don’t know if a ticket was created; please open one at
. Don’t worry if it’s a duplicate, the dev team will know and act accordingly :slight_smile: