Logout issue when logging out from an unmodified Vaadin starter project

Hi everyone,
I have let Vaadin Starter create a very simple project from https://start.vaadin.com/app . On the Settings tab I have set the “Access Control Settings” to “Users who have logged in” for the View and the Default access (see screenshot).
When I now run the application, it runs l ike a charm so far, but while logging out I receive the error message “getAttribute: Session already invalidated” (see second screenshot). This seems to happen while the auto-generated class “AuthenticatedUser” is performing the logout using “SecurityContextLogoutHandler”. I am still logged out and also forwarding to login page works, but I am wondering about the error.

Is there a way to avoid this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards, Michael

BTW: I have checked it with V23 and V24(pre) as well as with H2 inmemory db and maria db. It behaves all the same. Thanks again

It’s a bug, fixed in the next version

@quirky-zebra Thanks a lot for your response. If I am not wrong, it should be handled with “fix. remove locking and attribute usage #14965” which has a target release with 23.2.7. Is there a way to implement the fix also in 23.2.6 (I apologize for the possibly stupid question, but I’m not very familiar with it)? thanks in advance and best regards, Michael

That’s not how Release Management work :wink: the bug was introduced recently, so downgrading your Software to use e.g. Vaadin 23.2.4 or so could also work

@quirky-zebra Yes, absolutely agree. I will check with previous releases and if successful, I will leave a note. thanks again.

I have checked behavior on 23.2.4 and the bug doesn’t occur on this release level :slightly_smiling_face: