LoginForm problem

I was trying this example:


Then I notice I don’t have
setPasswordCaption and
methods in my Vaadin 6.4 LoginForm class, although in docs they appear:


Where did they go?


You are looking at the current JavaDoc while using an old Vaadin version. I think those methods appeared in 6.5, so they did not go anywhere, they just have not appeared yet in the version you are using :wink:

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I was 6.4.3 actually. Someone should edit the doc, because it sais:


Perhaps it should indicate when the methods were added

While I’m at it, any reason to use LoginForm and not make your own? Does it come with special advantages, like client side validation or something else?

From what I read in the sampler the browser autocomplete is suppose to catch the fields and autocomplete the user and password because of the iframe?

Effectively autocomplete is the only real reason to use LoginForm and not a separate login form composed of other Vaadin components. If autocompletion is not needed, feel free to use other approaches.

I don’t think the reason why autocomplete works in it is the iframe, though, but the use of suitably identified native text fields.

EDIT: clarified wording