LoginForm doesn't remember username/password

I tried LoginForm on different browsers and It seems like the remember feature doesn’t work as expected.

I have the problem with my application and with the demo as well:

I don’t think it matters, anyway my OS is Windows 7 x64, these are the results of the test I conducted:

Chrome v.16.0.912.75 m: remembers only the username field, no save password bar appears
Internet Explorer 8: doesn’t remember both, no save password popup showed
Firefox 8.0.1: It shows a save password popup and remembers both
Safari 5.1.1: doesn’t remember both, no save password popup showed
Opera 11.52: It shows the save password bar, I click save, but it doesn’t remember both

This is what happens with all the browsers I have installed… any idea how to fix this ?


It seems that the hack that LoginForm relies on is not available in newer versions of most browsers. The most reliable workaround is to put the login form outside the Vaadin application, e.g. using JSP or Servlets instead. The issue has been reported as ticket