Login with LoginOverlay and SpringSecurity

I’ve made my LoginView just like the one of BackeryApp but do not work. I cannot obtain a true Authentication object. If I enter a bad passwd the view go in error, when I enter the good passwd all it’s ok but I have not authentication in security context. Of course I’ve made a mistake but…??
I attach LoginView SecurityConfiguration and UserDetails.
18276618.java (3.51 KB)
18276621.java (2.54 KB)
18276624.java (5.32 KB)

I was struggling with the Login as well. Did you add:

@SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackageClasses = { SecurityConfiguration.class, MainView.class, Application.class,
         }, exclude = ErrorMvcAutoConfiguration.class)
public class Application extends SpringBootServletInitializer {

It turned out that was what I missing.

Yes. My @SpringBootApplication options are:
@SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackages = {
scanBasePackageClasses = {
SecurityConfiguration.class, Application.class,
exclude = {
ErrorMvcAutoConfiguration.class, SecurityAutoConfiguration.class

I’ve tried all I’ve found on internet, but nothing: after login (and all it’s ok, passwd right, name existent on db, roles existent and attached to user) the navigation to menu is impossible: the athentication is gone and SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication() respond null.