Login-View is rendered twice since Vaadin 23.3.2

I tried to upgrade my application from Vaadin 14 to Vaadin 23.3.2, and have a strange behavior of my login page.
When I open it for the first time, every thing is fine. But when I log in and out again, the login page is displayed twice, as shown in the picture.

Does anyone has an idea what is causing this behaviour?

It might be helpful that one time the login layout is directly in the body, and one time wrapped into a flow-container-root.

Are you by any chance using “vaadin.useDeprecatedV14Bootstrapping=true”?

Yes, I did. And removing it and removing a @Push-Annotation seems to fix my Problem. Thanks a Lot :heart_eyes:

Thanks for confirming :sweat_smile: known issue…

what is @push-annotation?