Localization/Translation add-on, do you need one?

Hello Vaadin Community,

First some background, I’m a developer of Get Localization, a software localization platform that allows developers to manage localization/translation work and minimize related overhead. It’s free for public/OSS projects but we’ve also premium packages for those who need a secure workspace for professional translation. We can provide also the translation work but it’s possible to bring your existing vendors/translators with you which is the most popular option. You can find more about the platform at

We discussed with the guys behind Vaadin that it would be cool to do something for Vaadin as well and we both agreed :). As an example we released just couple of days ago a beta version of our Eclipse plug-in for syncing translation files with GL (see
) and I’m interested whether there would be use in Vaadin community for this plug-in, and if so we’re happy to add some Vaadin specific functionality that would automate things further, e.g. in Android projects translation files are automatically populated to proper folders meaning they work right away in the next build. Maybe something similar could be done for Vaadin as well?

And if there’s any other ideas regarding i18n/l10n or war stories how you’ve done things before etc it would be nice to hear from you. I’m not an expert with Vaadin but you guys are so it would be great to get some feedback.

(Note that the plug-in is so fresh that it’s still at the time of writing this pending at the eclipse marketplace.)


I use another platform which is more useful, to my mind. It’s
. You can work with pot, po, xls, xlsx, strings, xml, resx or properties files, uploading your strings and translating them in the user interface or using the automatic translation tool. You should give it a try.