Loading Indicator - Times


Browsing through the sources of the ApplicationConnection.class I found out that the three different styles for the loading indicator are activated immediately, after 1500ms and after 5000ms.

Is there any way to configure these time intervals?

Thanks in Advance for your help!


As you see in the code, these intervals are currently hard coded, and it looks like there are too many private references related to them so that overriding the relevant methods is not really an option.

If you want, you could
create an enhancement request
about making these configurable, but I have not seen other requests about this so it does not seem to be that common a need.

The first one, BTW, is after 300 ms for requests after the initial one.

Thanks for your answer.

I am very surprised that I am the only one having this request.

From the usability view I want to display an information message, blocking all user input after a certain amount of time.

Unfortunately 300ms seems to be too early - there are many request that need just a little longer, so blackening out the screen and displaying a message that disappears within the blink of an eye seems to be too much. :wink:
But 1500ms wait time before blacking the screen seems to be just a little too much.
From my experience after about 700ms the user begins to wonder what is going on…

So making this configurable would be very much appreciated - at least by me! :wink:


As I did not see a ticket about this, created
. If you had already created one, please close mine as a duplicate.