Load tif images in Vaadin

I could not load a tif image with Vaadin 7 rc1

Here are the some of the alternatoves I have tried:

String basepath = VaadinService.getCurrent().getBaseDirectory().getAbsolutePath();
Image image = new Image("Image", new FileResource(new File(basePath + "myPath/image.tif")));

Embedded image = new Embedded("Image", new ThemeResource("/pathToResource/imgae.jtif"));

In both cases the image was where the path pointed. Moreover if I had a jpg or png`image in the same directory it was shown without a problem.

Does Vaadin 7 rc1 not support tif images?

Basically the Browser doesn’t Support tif-images. So there is no way for Vaadin to support it natively either. In my workplace, where we have to deal a lot with tifs for reasons of archiving them, we always wrap them into a PDF prior to Display using iText.

OK. Thanks.

Hi, af image.
Thanks for your nice info. I will check it later.

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