Load content on scroll

I wonder how it is possible to implement page loading during scrolling - the behavior you have in Vaadin forum threads. When I open a Vaadin Forum’s thread, I see only several posts. When I start scrolling down, more and more thread answers are being displayed.

How can I implement it using Vaadin?

At the beginning I though I can implement it using Table component, but then how can I do so smooth design so it doesn’t even look like a table at all.

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you remove the table borders in the CSS and change the row colours to be all one, it should achieve what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

You might want to try the LazyLoadWrapper, see

And if you want to dig into the source code of the forum application, it is
on GitHub

Thank you for help

I have made thumbnail display with table that lazy loads the images from server. Combined with split panel, it even deleted itself and creates itself with more columns. So I would suggest you using table for lazy loading.