Load combobox items from backend only once

It is possible to avoid loading items to combobox from backend every time when user clicks on it? Some of our users have not very good connection (big one way delays and so on), so it’s not very useful that combobox makes RPC call every time user clicks on it.


I populate combobox’s using a singleton (as in my app, all users share the same set of values). I then simply add them to the form when initialising it.

Hi johnk, thanks for your replay!

It’s not a problem to populate combobox. The problem - is the number of RPС calls. Every time user clicks on combobox browser sends requests to backend to fill the combobox on client side despite the fact that this combobox has been populated already. As I said before some of our users have bad internet connection, so every time somebody wants to select something from combobox he should wait untill it will be refilled.