LiveReload in 23.2

Since upgrading to Vaadin 23.2 including switch to Vite the live reload feature didn’t work as expected on every code modification. Nevertheless the Spring Boot part work, via devtools the application reload itself. As netstat mentioned , the port used for live reload is also properly used by the java process of my vaadin application. But the browser didn’t reload the page. In Vaadin 14 it seems to be -at least for me- that this feature works far more smoother… Any suggestions what one can do ?

Hi Dominik, quickly tried using using com.vaadin:vaadin-archetype-spring-application:23.2.2 and couldn’t reproduce the issue.

I tried with both sb devtools and jrebel, but works well.

Clearly sounds like a regression to me, but do you have some more details about your environment that could help us to reproduce the issue? Or has somebody else noticed something similar?

Not sure if it’s related but when we upgraded from webpack → vite I noticed live reload will actually refresh the page even if the live reload is toggled off on any TS/JS save but not with saves on the Java side. This is with Jrebel.

So two bugs instead of one :grimacing: Vite is the default, that’s what I had. Maybe it is the related to projects that are being upgraded :thinking:

Do you @loyal-joey have some customisations in the front-end build? If not, you could try cleaning the front-end build and letting Vaadin aka “mvn vaadin:dance; mvn clean install”

I’ve tested with using V14.8.18 and V23.2.2 version and in both cases both server-side and frontend-side live-reload worked fine with spring dev tools.

And with 23.2.2, if I turn off the live-reload in the dev tool window, both server-side and client-side don’t work (page not reloaded), turning it back to ON, makes both live-reloads work again.

So I assume it might be a project specific or OS specific issue? :thinking:

@quintessential-ibex Yep behavior persists even on a fully cleaned build

And no customizations on the front end build just Vaadin generated stuff

Could you @loyal-joey provide more details (Java version, operating system) and possibly share the project, so that @sanguine-whale could reproduce the issue?

OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu11.52+13-CA (build 11.0.13+8-LTS)
MacOS 12.5

I can’t share the project but I can sure make a new one from the starter and see if that reproduces the issue and share it (274 KB)

minimal app that displays the issue, you can see live reload is disabled in the screenshot if you just go make any change in the single TS file and save the browser reloads

Let me know if you want it zipped up with node_modules and all the config stuff if you can’t reproduce it building yourself

I tested with your project in IntelliJ IDEA + jrebel and all seems to work. Frontend reload even “too well”, also if I disabled restarted. Was this the issue or something else?

Re-reading the thread, yes for you, but @diligent-uguisu had some other issues ?