Live Reload not working

So, after my upgrade from 22 to 23.2.8 I’m having issues with Spring Boot Dev tools to work. The info tab of the dev View menu also shows that Spring Boot Devtools doesn’t work. I also get an Error in the Log Tab “Error in WebSocket connection to wss://”. I assume this is related as it appeared with the upgrade too.
In case it helps my Spring Boot version is 2.7.6

Are you using a custom domain locally for https connections? That’s currently not supported with vite

I see, let me test that really quick

ah that is indeed the issue, I guess I’ll just have to use http during development and check with production mode afterwards. A bit annoying, but nothing to lose sleep over. Thank you very much knoobie

I also have to use Webpack since Vite results in problems and no successful rendering. However Live Reload is not working when using Webpack. This is annoying. My problem is not related to https however since am using http://localhost address