ListSelect as JList

Hello, all.

  1. I know, that in swing it is possible to use JList as selection object, which could show values in multiple columns. (i.e. if number of rows is 30 and number of items is 100, then we will have 4 columns) How to do that in vaadin?
  2. How to know exactly number of rows, depending on the height of the page?

Thanks in advance.


I think non of the built if components support that. Have you checked if contains such a component?

If there is no ready made component, you can pretty easily construct such by composing using layouts (e.g. GridLayout), buttons and some styling. BrowserWindowResizeListener is a mechanism you can use to get the exact heigh your end user has, but it might also make sense to use CssLayout and some css (e.g. “float:left; width: 200px;” to float options to rows automatically in browsers end.