Listen to grid column visibility changes in Vaadin 23

Hi there,

I want to listen to event when a grid column is displayed or hide to trigger some background actions.

I only found
addColumnReorderListener and
so far but none of them gets triggered if I just show/hide a column.

How can I catch this event?

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There is no such event. If you are setting the visibility yourself, you can also do the change you wanna do while you change the visibility or send or own custom event

Ok thanks, I will utilize the click event of the MenuItem then. Is addColumnVisibilityChangeListener new in Vaadin 24?

Is addColumnVisibilityChangeListener new in Vaadin 24?
There is no addColumnVisibilityChangeListener in Vaadin 24.
The visibility changes probably because you are calling setVisible(true/false) on a column on the server side. So you can add a listener or call any Java code inside.

Never heard of it. Sounds like a false answer from chat gpt

@quirky-zebra Yes it was an answer from docs assistant.