List view and form - click on a row takes a long time

I have a Table list view and a corresponding form view in a split panel
Whenever I click a row in the table list the details are displayed on the other split panel in the Form.

My database-table has about 120 columns and so the table has 120 columns and the form also show 120 fields.
I have about 200 rows in the database table.

The problem is when I click on any row in the table list view, it takes a lot of time for the data to appear in the form, about 30 seconds. And when I click on some other row it takes about 30 seconds. I tried clicking on multiple rows but the time delay is same.

I tracked to this method which was taking about 30 seconds. paintAfterVariableChanges() at line 579
paintAfterVariableChanges(request, response, callback, repaintAll, outWriter, window, analyzeLayouts);

Why this method is taking so much time !!!
What can be done to speed up ?

I myself found partial solution for this problem.

The performance is based on the version of the GWT (google web toolkit) and vaadin version. My analysis is as given below:

With Vaadin version 6.2.0 time taken = 30 seconds (This is repeatable )
With Vaadin version 6.2.2 time taken = 22 seconds (This is repeatable )
With Vaadin version 6.3 time taken = 14 seconds (This is repeatable )

As you can see the vaadin 6.3 uses GWT 2.0 and GWT 2.0 is much FASTER than previous versions of GWT.

And hopefully with release of Vaadin 6.3, the performance will be much faster.

By the way, the performance of any other framework will be NO BETTER than GWT, since I am having such a large number of fields (about 120 fields) and rendering those 120 fields will take that much time (web browser processing).
Other frameworks would also take this much time or even more time…

Positive results indeed. Thanks for sharing!

I think you’re right on a general level, but I think the speed depends more on the actual implementation of the table/grid (i.e. the DOM/CSS) than on the framework. Just thinking out loud…