Links not supported by black theme?

Hi guys,

I’m studying Vaadin Themes, so I’ll probably fire a few questions in the coming days.
Let’s start with an easy one:

		VerticalLayout vLayout = new VerticalLayout();
		Label label = new Label("This is a label");
		Link link = new Link("This is a link", new ExternalResource(""));

vLayout is black (goo thing), with a white readable label (good). But the link is unreadable because it’s very dark.
There is no link in the theme demo.

Am I doing something wrong or are links simply not “blackThemables”? If it’s just not supported, is it going to change? If it’s not going to change, what is the recommended way to make my theme (extending reindeer) supporting them?

In fact, I’m interested in the answer to the last question even if it’s going to change. There is no much documentation on how you recommend us to customize Reindeer. Chapter 7.3 of the Vaadin book is … short (you probably were short of time ;-). And experience (according to what I read here) shows that Vaadin users don’t have time to start over a huge work as the Reindeer theme from zero. I guess most people extend the Reindeer theme, so understanding Reindeer better would probably help.

Thank you so much for this framework.

Heh, funniest thing: I just checked the Java source for the demo, and a link style button is being constructed, but never added into any layout :slight_smile: Fixed.

Currently links have no black alternatives. The blue color is visible, but I guess it’s a little low contrast. I might fix it if I remember later, but currently I’m not holding it as a priority, no offense :slight_smile:

To change the color yourself, use the following CSS selector:

.black .v-button-link .v-button-caption,
.black .v-nativebutton-link .v-nativebutton-caption {
   color: [your-color-of-choosing]


Documentation on the theme part is really short, and frankly, outdated and lacking loads of stuff. I’m hoping to help ease the pain a little by writing a series of blog posts about theming Vaadin. Some discussion about it was done
. If you have more ideas what to include in the posts, just add your thoughts here. Thanks!