Link with KeyUpHandler


I got stuck in an issue related to Links. (Version used - (7.0.0.beta3 )
I want to handle Key pressed events in Links Hence I created a Client Side Widget like below

public class MyLink extends VLink implements KeyUpHandler{

Above code doesn’t catch Key press events .Hence I swict over to Button Link and in client side I was able to handle Key press events but I had to add code to open the URL
as given below

this.getUI().getPage().open(url,“_blank”, 500, 400,BorderStyle.DEFAULT); // Open method of Page Class

As per the documentation the URL should open in new tab but here I am getting exception as
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can’t start a new layout phase before the previous layout phase ends.

If I replace above code with
This works correctly but opens in same window which I don’t want.

My Question is how can I get keyup handler working in Links …If not then how to solve the above exception in Button Link?