Link does not submit (beta1)


after updating to Vaadin 7 beta 1 some links don’t work anymore. I have a panel an inside a GridLayout. In my GridLayout some links are rendered:

gridLayout.addComponent(new Link(name, new ExternalResource("#" + MainLayout.VIEW_NAME)));

After clicking the link I see the new url in my browser, but nothing happens. When I then hit the browser refresh button it works fine.
What am I doing wrong? With alpha 3 it worked fine…


Are you using Navigator? The default behaviour changed in beta1 to use hashbang (#!) URIs (
ticket 9268
), so just change your “#” to “#!” and it should work. Added this info to the migration guide as well.

Preferably, there should be at some point a way to automatically map Views back to URIs, but it needs some thinking on how to do it properly.