Limitations in setColumnWidth()?


I have a table with 14 columns. The last column holds three icons and a problem I’m having is that like half of the time the table is rendered the icon furthest to the right will be “cut in half” vertically. To avoid this problem I tried to set a fixed width to this column that I think would eradicate the problem, however, nothing happens… =\

I’m using the conventional approach:

simCardTable.setColumnWidth(actionColumn, 135);

However, no matter what value I set to be the column width the column stays the same… Does anyone know why this is? Is it because it’s the last column to be added and therefore there’s no space to spare…?

Btw, that is the only column I set a specific width to, all of the restoring columns have a the standard width specified by the width of the column header or the cell content.

Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!