Lightest Layout

Hopfully a simple one, of the existing layouts which is the lightest one, i.e. which will create the least additional

elements in the HTML (an hopfully introduce the least risk of layouting errors.

I know there was a post a while back (I dont have the reference to hand) about one someone had in teh incubator, but I’m interested what is in the core API (most tested and considered ‘ready’ for use)

Thanks in advance.

That’s probably the CssLayout.

Are there any interesting examples of CssLayout usage? The docs seem light on how to use it.

CssLayout looks interesting, however I can see it taking a little longer to get a the result I want.

I originally used CustomLayout wich allowed my to set general layout of the contents using an HTML table, with any style applied on top of that. I suspect to use CssLayout I would have to write some more complex style classes whcih also set the layout of my components within the container (unfortunatly my CSS isnt strong enough to to that in the time I have).

A related proplem I wanted to tackle with this is sizing elements, such as wrapping long text rather than hidding the overflow, since Vaadin would calculate the size of the Css layout element, only giving me control of the content I would not be able to use it.