Light Cell Table Editor


Recently i was trying to achive what i found today here:

Can i see the code of this example?

In this treetable example we can edit a specific cell (leaf items on column HOURSDONE) without have a textfield on each cell, at least apparently.

I want to replicate this behavior on a simple Table.
How can i do it? It is a css tweak?

Thanks in advance!

The demo source code can be found easily with e.g. google or by following the source code link from the
directory page. It is under the add-on sources, in

If you want to make a subset of fields editable, you can use a field factory that returns null for the cells you don’t want to be editable, and make the table itself editable.

Other (more complicated) techniques can be used to make an editor appear on top of the table (but technically not be a part of the table) when e.g. double-clicking on a cell, but things like positioning the popup editor correctly can get tricky.