Liferay IPC with UI vaadin 7


I have a problem with Liferay IPC. A portlet is developped by a thrid party and use Liferay IPC events to send.
I developped the receiver portlet with Vaadin 7.

I developped a portlet. In portlet.xml, I have these lines


In my portlet, I implement javax.portlet.Portlet and javax.portlet.EventPortlet. but I never received the event.
If I removed init param in portlet.xml, it works.

It is possible to use liferay IPC with Vaadin 7?

Thanks in advancde for your help.

Hi Bertrand

As far as I remember Liferay IPC is not supported out of the box. You would need an add-on. Everything is documented in the
Book of Vaadin
, but please beware that the add-on is more than 3 years old and might be outdated.

Thanks a lot Mac.
I will try this add-on.


the add-on don’t work in my case.
but I found a solution.

In th init function, I add these lines
VaadinPortletSession vaadinPortletSession = (VaadinPortletSession) VaadinSession.getCurrent();

Then my class implements PortletListener.
I catch the event in the function handleEventRequest.

Ok, nice to hear that you were able to work it around :slight_smile: