Licensechecker fails with Springboot and Gradle for CI/CD in Gitlab

Hey there! just created this thread to continue the discussion from the general text chat

  1. Set ENV variable in the CI/CD tab for Gitlab (VAADIN_PRO_KEY) and (VAADIN_OFFLINE_KEY) does not work
  2. Created the file in ~/.vaadin/proKey with the key inside, does not work.
  • just for the record :smile:

running the build in debug mode may provide some additional information

With maven you can use the ‘-X’ flag. For gradle I am not sure, maybe ‘–debug’

I’ll try to do that tomorrow, it’s getting pretty late :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using gradle


sorry, just red the first half of your message :smile:

I’ll continue with it tomorrow! Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

~/.vaadin/proKey worked, i wrongly set the TestBench key as the ProKey…

Also works the <VAADIN_PRO_KEY> env variable, but you’ll only need to insert the pro key, not the whole /