License check failed...(pro components)

We run Vaadin in offline environment which usually works just fine.
However I am trying to upgrade from Vaadin v24.2.5 to v24.3.5 or greater. How high I can upgrade depends on what dependencies are available in our Maven repository and NPM repository at the time of my upgrade. I always have to be one or more upgrades behind what is possible online.

I have ~/.vaadin/offlineKey in place and it works fine before the upgrade. The “Vaadin dev tools icon” shows Licence check failed for ... (insert any pro component) when accessing a page with a pro component. The Browser debug console says the same.

Inside the application the View renders Internal error: no connection. Component: vaadin-grid-pro 24.3.6

It seems Vaadin is trying to go online and not picking up my offline-license.

What to do?

I see now that I also get “Dev tools functionality denied for this host”.

There seems to be something new configuration or setting I am missing or this could be related to the “missing” license.

So I have come one step closer.

We are running Nginx for SSL termination in front of Tomcat (Spring Boot). For this we have a valid certificate. This is where the mentioned troubles above happens.

But if I access http://localhost:8080 everything works fine.

So my local dev https://whatever-address does not work after upgrade.

The upgrade requires me to configure something but I do not know what.

For dev-tools you should probably set the vaadin.devmode.hostsAllowed setting

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That was my thought just now exactly. However IntelliJ insist it’s vaadin.devmode.hosts-allowed. I think maybe this is the right track. Will do some more testing.

Thanks @marcoc_753 that was it.

Added vaadin.devmode.hosts-allowed=[IP-address] to and that solved my problem.

So I guess this was introduced sometime after Vaadin v24.2.5 since this became a problem when I upgraded. I have not seen this in the merging documentation so probably this should be better documented.