License check failed for vaadin-chart using Vaadin Flow

I am having an issue with vaadin where even though I have the student pass, I cant add vaadin charts. Whenever I try to load it up in my web page I keep getting the error: “License check failed for vaadin-chart”. I have done the steps to install it (downloaded the vaadin.charts.developer.license file with my key in it and put in home directory and added a prokey to my .vaadin folder). I also added the dependencies in the pom file. It might be worth noting that I added vaadin to an already existing spring boot application but everything else worked (made the todo list to test). I do have the code in an open repository where you can see it if that’s useful. I am also using intellij.

I feel like adding a license shouldnt be this hard


Well I just used something else instead

A shame

Is the problem only with Charts? Did you test with other commercial components?

In any case, please share the repo and DM the email you used to register with