Licence check when using vaadin-core

Has anyone this problem, when building for production?

[INFO] Validating license for vaadin-grid-pro 23.3.8 [INFO] vaadin-grid-pro:23.3.8 is a pro-products-202210 or prime-products-202210 or enterprise-products-202210 or ultimate-products-202210 or hilla-pro-products-202212 component and you have no subscription. Go to for information about upgrading your subscription or contact to discuss your options in person.

Hi. Have you checked the dependency tree if something pulls in the vaadin-grid-pro dependency?

No. But haven’t changed anything, except vaadin.version to 23.3.7

From 23.2 or below?

From 23.3.6.

Sounds like the license checker is finally working on your machine :sweat_smile: if you have vaadin as Dependency somewhere, replace it with vaadin-core and you are good to go

I have vaadin-core everywhere. That is the odd thing.

Transitive from an addon? Or still the vaadin-grid-pro in your package.json?

Unable to determine version information. No vaadin-core-versions.json found

This is in log

Wanna try the latest 23.3.8 released today? :nerd_face: It also contains security related fixes and an update to the license checker

But i did switched from 24.0.0 back and forth from git

Will try ASAP!

Oh… I personally had problems in the past with git switch and e.g. multiple Vaadin Versions because of different node_modules… if I need to do e.g. a major update… I’m normally cloning the project a second time and work on that branch alone until it’s finished

project // 23.x
project-24 // 24.x

Same problem. I deleted complete node modules, package.json and ts files.

Does package.json still/again contain the pro components?



Dependencies in project: