Legends are missing in download png/jpeg from graphs which is enabled by configuration.setExporting

The graph is having data and it is working fine but when trying to export it to PNG/JPEG by using Timeline High Charts, which is enabled by setting configuration.setExporting(true), is missing the legend names after download.
The project is springboot Java + Vaadin.

The legends are missing in graph after download

Can you create simplified code that replicates the issue and open bug ticket at Issues · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub

Check old tickets for example how to report the bug Chart without title gets "Chart title" when exported by SVGGenerator · Issue #2743 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub

Based on that I think this could be limited to Chart type you use.

Thanks for the response. Ill try to create a sample project and raise ticket.
I am using Timeline High charts now with the below code to enable the hamburger menu which contains the Download PNG, Download JPEG , Print Chart and Download SVG

   Chart chart = new Chart();
    Configuration configuration = chart.getConfiguration();
    Exporting exporting = configuration.getExporting();

The issue I am facing is that the data with legends(label text) are seen in the graph but while downloading it with Print chart the data gets overlapped. While trying to download it with Download PNG/JPEG the legends(label texts) are missing, and graph also gets cropped without giving the full data.
I believe we don’t have any control over how data is set while the PNG and JPEG download as its kind of a vaadin inbuilt feature.

Hi @yummy-rhino
Do you have any input for the above issue by referring to the above code that I shared. ?