Leading spaces in table cell


I need to show values in a table with leading spaces. The problem is that the values shown in table cells are trimmed. If I set editable to true, value is shown in a textfield with leading spaces. How to solve this?

Thank you

Hi all.

I apologise profusely for the bump of this thread, but I was wondering if anybody has an answer to this?

I too am suffering from the same issue.


Note: I currently have a workaround where I make the column a Label class, where the Label has content mode XHTML and a value set to the required string but with spaces replaced with ‘&nbsp’. However, I’d much rather the column was a simple String class!

Instead of changing the column class, use a
to create the XHTML Label with &NBSPC;

That way, your data model remains the same, but can be presented differently.