LDAP Add-ons


   I am searching for light LDAP browser component for vaadin. I prefer not reinventing the wheel.

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An LDAP component is quite a high-level component, and I’m not aware of any - I could not find one in the directory with a quick search.

I have the vague recollection that someone was working on an LDAP Container for Vaadin, which should make this easy to implement. However, I can’t recall if that was for some closed source project.

A quick web search also found
this container
which seems to be Apache 2.0 licensed and
this minimal test/demo project
using it - maybe you can check the project. It seems it is for an older Vaadin version and hasn’t been updated in a long time, but it should not be too hard to port it for the latest Vaadin version.

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Thank you Henri. Nevertheless “… A quick web search also found…”. :wink: googling hasn’t brought me quickly into this results. But many thanks for your answer.

Any chance of an update on vaadin 10 and LDAP ? I am searching the site and more info would be helpful.

Have you looked into something like https://directory.apache.org/api/java-api.html ?

I will look into that thank you!