LazyQueryContainer - readonly properties

I have problem to set container property readonly. I connect container to vaadin table with DefaultFieldFactory.

container.addContainerProperty("id", Long.class, 0L, true, true);
        container.addContainerProperty("code", String.class, "", false, true);
        container.addContainerProperty("name", String.class, "", false, true);
        container.addContainerProperty("createdAt", Date.class, null, true, true);
        container.addContainerProperty("createdBy", String.class, "", true, true);
        container.addContainerProperty("version", Long.class, 1L, true, true);

id is primary key and version is the Hibernate @version (optimistic lock) property.

These two properties are
always readonly
Other properties are
always read-write

Setting readonly state at addContainer property doesn’t have an effect.

How do I do it right?