LazyLoading-Select and newItemsAllowed

How should I use that newItemsAllowed that Select has? If I add it to my lazyloading-Select it doesn’t seem to do anything, I cannot add new items. What listener does it use: ValueChangeListener or ItemSetChangeListener?
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…


Select s = new Select();
[/code]Javadoc says that: to use newItemsAllowed, I should use container that implements Container.Managed? Doesn’t Select’s own container implement this?

Btw. Container.Managed interface seems to be missing from 4.0.3

In short:
You are doing it correctly but Select does not support adding new items through web browser when LazyLoading is in use. With LazyLoading user input is used for searching (/filtering) items within Select container.

Longer version:
This might interest you: See FilterSelect demo from 4.0.3 packet. It contains customfilter which receives keystroke events from client to server. You can do many kinds of functionalities based on keystrokes. But to get it working as you describe requires additional client-side coding (at least checking when enter key is pressed => commit new data to server).

This is strange, good point. Please see com.itmill.toolkit.ui.Select component which contains “Container.Managed” methods.