Lazy scroll & load

Hi there! I’m trying to implement a view where the components get dynamically loaded into a VerticalLayout when the user scrolls, just like all the social media web apps have.
Is there a way to accomplish this with Vaadin?

Which version of Vaadin you are using? If you are using Vaadin 7 or 8, LazyLayouts add-on packages the functionality for you If the way LazyLayouts works, does not fit exactly your purposes, there is more basic ViewPortExtnesion add-on for Vaadin 8, that provides way to check whether component is in viewport or not. There is no such add-ons for Vaadin 10 yet. However, modern web technologies offer actually different kinds of ways to accomplish the same thing.

Thanks a lot, Tatu! LazyLayouts seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I’m on version 8, btw.