Lazy Query Container : Web Service as my Data Source

Hi All,

Can any one please help me on using Lazy Query Container and
Web service as my data source
. My Web Service can accept batch size and start index as input and returns pojo Objects .

Please let me know the steps how to implement or
if you have sample code request you share to get start up

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The key method to override is the loadItems() method. I don’t have a simple example, because my knowledge of LQC comes from implementing a full-fledged add-on on top of it. But if you want to stare at some actual code (even though somewhat unrelated), look

Hey suman. I also have the same issue. Did you solve the problem you faced? Can you share me about how you integrated web service with LQC?

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You can find examples in the wiki all though they might be tad out dated:

Lazy Query Container Wiki Page

I can provide moed details about how to apply LQC with WebServices if needed.


Thanks Tommi, I already tried the things given on the wiki page.
Yes it will be useful if you provide me some example.

f you have some code maybe you could send them to me so I can comment. The actual implementations vary depending on the WebService stack you are using. Knowing the specific problems you have would be of value.