lazy loading tables - not as fluid loading

We have noticed occasions where a table is blank as you are scrolling, until the browser catches up with what the server is sending it. Normally it has a little message saying “loading ##-##”. For small data sets, we are fine. It is just data sets above, say, 200 lines that having this unfluid behavior. If we wanted to upgrade our servers to support a more fluid scrolling experience, what aspect would we need to investigate with our hardware people ( CPU, Memory, network throughput, etc )?

This is probably not obvious, but Tomcat ( our Java container ) already added all the data to the table. In other words, we do not load batches of data into the table, but load it all at one time. Not saying this is a good idea, just saying DB lookups are not causing this lack of fluid behavior because there is no DB query after the intial DB query. This is sort of why we think maybe better server hardware will help.