Lazy Loading of Thumbnails (Vaadin 7 beta 10)


I am currently trying to implement a layout in which several hundred of images must be added as search results.
No pagination is allowed by design so the idea is that while the user scrolls down the new thumbnails are fetched lazily.

If I am not wrong the Vaadin Table has this kind of behaviour calculating the scroll offset and requesting the new items when the user scrolls down but I would like to implement a sort of Flow Layout (using CssLayout) and not display tabular datas. And I would like to use Vaadin 7.

I was seeing that there was the LazyLoadWrapper add-on for Vaadin6 that perhaps would allow such a behaviour but it is not available for Vaadin 7 yet.

Anyone has suggestions how to solve this? Do I have to develop a custom GWT component to do this? If yes someone can point me on the right direction?

Thanks in advance!