Perhaps, I should apologise for being disruptive.

I would like to propose that the proper term to use is

rather than layouting.

For example you don’t say
eat pineappling, close eventing, or paint dooring
eating pineapple, closing event, or painting door.

I realise that this post may be taken as unsuitable or being too analytical for this forum, and many people do actually wish that Danish, French or Arabic or Chinese had inherited the position that once belonged to Latin and Aramaic, rather than English which is quite a creolised language itself.

Present participle
An interesting event, a fascinating adventure.

setting up
logging in

His heart melted with Mary’s undying love for him.
Muthu’s deciding not to use Vaadin is disrupting the team.
Muthu’s having decided not to use GWT has disrupted the team.

In standard English, we use a hyphen to transform a gerund into a composite noun:
The laying-out of the widget is complex.
The logging-in was beset with problems.
Setting up Vaadin is as simple as eating pasta.
Setting-up of Vaadin is as simple as eating pasta.

rather than
The layouting of the widget is complex.
The logining was beset with problems.
Setupping Vaadin is as simple as eating pasta.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by my posting.