Layouting when slow image loading in IE


I observe a serious problem with layout of components in IE 8, especially when images need a long time to load from server. It seems that images are loaded but no relayout is triggered after image loading is complete. Testing on FF7 it works in most cases but sometimes even with FF components are clipped because their size is not correct because an image loaded after some time decrease for example the width of other components. Anybody who has the same problem and/or a solution?

EDIT: Plz post if you have a similar problem. Maybe I do something wrong and it is restricted to my case?

Best regards,
Steffen Harbich

Maybe it is not because of long image loading but the web site itself is loading slowly?

Sry, this was an issue I made myself. The browser compatibility mode of IE was enabled and broke the whole layout. Normal mode displays fine :wink: