LayoutClickListener reacts to mouse release only?

Is there a way to customize the behavior of a Component/LayoutClickListener to react to mouse events other than mouse button releases? Maybe instead react to mouse button presses?

I have a navigation menu on one side of my application that reacts to mouse events by way of LayoutClickListeners. But I’m having problems when, for example, selecting text from a textarea and the mouse finds it way to the navigation menu in that same mouse gesture, the menu item’s LayoutClickListener is activated. Which was not the intended action, in this example.

I found that dragging the mouse from anywhere in the interface and ending in the components that have LayoutClickListeners will trigger them, even if the dragging gesture did not originate in the click listener’s area. That is why I assume that they are only listening to mouse releases.

I found no property in the generated LayoutClickEvent to distinguish between a button press or a button release.

It is a slight annoyance to the end user. Not a huge deal. But I’m trying to fix it anyway.