Layout problems

In a customer project the layout looks like it should in 99%. Sometimes the components of dialogs overlap. If one reopens the dialog the dialog is shown correct. Sometimes the reopening of the dialog does not help.

Has anyone an idea?
The wrongly shown layout is shown in the attachment.


Hi Sascha,

Can you please send us a small test app which reproduces this behaviour. This way we can test it and see where the problem actually is.

Does this layout issue happen on all browsers?

Thank you,

The layout problem only exists in Internet Explorer and not in our development environment.
We tested in firefox on the customers notebook and there was no problem.

The problem is that we cannot reproduce the behaviour in our environments in Internet Explorer. Only on the customers Notebook this behavior is present. A test app is not possible for this reason.

The customer has other notebooks which work fine. At the moment we assume that there is a Internet Explorer setting which can cause this behaviour.

Hi, what version of IE and OS? We support IE8 or high, and even IE8 we might not support it soon.

In the meanwhile we can reproduce the problems. The layout problems exist when Windows 8.1 Enterprise is used in combination with IE 11. After opening the dialog for more than one time, sometimes with resizing it the layout crashes.
We can reproduce this in different constellations but do not know when the layout crashes exactly and whats the reason of it.

We assume that dialogs with horiontal scrollbars cause this behaviour.

Can you please submit a ticket about this, with as many details as possible. The dialog layout would be very handy.