Hey guys,

i have a strange behavior within my application.
My general is build like in the picture. The outer vertical layout is set to full size and the panel as well. The panel is also set to expand. But for the inside of the panel i’m getting two problems.

  1. problem: if i set the height of the inner vertical layout as full size and get a view, which would be to large in height to display it gets cut without any scrollbar and the footer is displayed on top of it.
  2. problem: if i set the height of inner vertical layout as undefined, the views, which would be too big are displayed just fine. But if get a small view, then there is no expanding. The footer is placed directly under small view.

Maybe there is something wrong with my arrangement of layouts or u can suggest some spacings which take space untill the height of the display is filled?!

I am not 100% what you want to achieve, but it sounds like that you would prefer the View to have scroll bars when it is not fitting in its area. In that case the idea to have both the view and footer inside Panel is wrong. Instead I would put only the View in Panel, and Panel inside VerticalLayout, which then has the Panel and the Footer. You probably want to have fixed height with footer and 100% width, and full size with Panel. If count right, then you have one excess VerticalLayout which you can remove completely.

Thanks for the answer.

But i don’t want to have a fixed footer. I want to have a scrollbar for the Layout with the view and the footer, when the view is too big. But if the view is not big enough i want it to expand so the footer is at the bottom of the display.

I hope this helps understanding.