layout issue that gets solved when I click "Analyze Layouts"


I have a layout issue - sometimes, only every third or so try, I have a VerticalLayout that does NOT expand as components are added to it. 2 out of 3 times, I load the page, add components dynamically, and the VerticalLayout grows nicely. However, not all the time, so I went to debug mode and clicked “Analyze layouts” and saw there there were no layout problems reported, but when I did “Analyze layouts” the VerticalLayout that was giving my problems and not expanding properly got re-rendered and everything was nicely laid out.

How can I reproduce the effect of “Analyze layouts”? A repaint command somewhere in my code?




Since the analyze layouts does not return any layout issues, I’d say this is most likely a bug in Vaadin. Running analyze layouts will trigger a rerender of the UI which seems to fix the issue in your case.

Please create a ticket about your issue into the Vaadin trac, and include a simplified test case and list the affected browser(s).