Layout freeze issues with Vaddin 7 IE8

Hi Vaadin gurus,

I am building an app which has complex layout structure. The layout sample is attached herewith. I have succeeded in building the layout structure and the app rendering is happening quite fast in Firefox and Chrome. But sad to say in IE8 it freezes and is taking around 25 seconds or more to render the view. But in Firefox and chrome it renders quite fast in 1-2 secs of time.

I have tried running the app in Vaadin Prod mode and the SCSS compiled to css. The majority of layouts used are VerticalLayout, HorizontalLayout, CssLayout and Grid. The style which is extended is the like same dashboard base theme. There is no issues with theming part I guess.

Tried debugging the app with debug and restartApplication parameters and noticed that IE8 takes considerable amount of time in request processing and layout rendering. Is there any solution for this? I have the requirement as targetted client browser is IE8. Kindly help.

The version of Vaadin used is 7.0.6

You could try and load parts of the UI lazily, so the browser gets something displayed and the user sees something and can start using the app even though parts of it would still be loading:
LazyLoadWrapper add-on