Layout Content problem

hi all,

i have this problem in most of my case. that is the content problem.

i added label inside a vertical layout, inside label i have a 3 line para. while displaying in browser the line one is visible remaining not visible. The remaining line are visible only if i zoom the browser.

is any approach to view the label in continuous way or in one below another.

Also if the monitor is large, the whole label with all lines are visible but vice verse is not.


Do you have actual line break characters (\n) in your text?

What is the width of your label? If the label is undefined width, it will be automatically rendered as one line only (with CSS white-space: nowrap). Set the width to either 100% or a fixed size, and it should wrap as necessary. If you use a percentage size, make sure the parent layout can define that percentage i.e. it has a defined width as well.


thanks i solved the problem using the width for the label…

keep continuing your work…