Layout alignments

I’me new in Vaadin.
I have a little problem with alignment concept with layouts.
My goal is : create a verticalLayout composed with 3 CssLayouts, so each csslayout vertically aligned. This is ok.
Now in each CssLayout I want to set the position/dim of each component via a css style file. So I think CssLayout is good to do that ?
My actual problem is the following :
1- create a VerticalLayout with setFullSize()
2- create 3 CssLayouts into this VerticalLayout
3- Into the first CssLayout I add 2 components : an Embedded (picture with width <220px) and a customComponent containing a CssLayout with some input fields (width max 220px)
In Vaadin doc, I can read that in a CssLayout each component is added after the precedent, horizontally. If space available is too small then the component will be displayed below.
This is what I can see : the Embedded and the CustomComponent are displayed vertically.
Below firebug html :

Can you help me ?
Many thanks

CssLayout will not add any dynamic layout logic and uses only the browser html/css layout rules. Block elements will be displayed vertically unless float is specified in CSS for your Components inside a CssLayout.

Thanks Johannes
But error was “my little head”… Code on error was not code supplied in the message. The error was a bad width.
Many thanks.